It is an honor to make music for a generation who's voices are suppressed. As an Iranian artist, no matter where I was raised or what is my circumstance, it is my privilege to keep the voices of women in Persian music alive.”

Shabnam Jaleh


Shabnam Jaleh was born in Tehran, Iran and raised in California. In pursuit of a better life, she fled Iran at the age of 3 with her father, mother and sister.  Although the family did gain freedom, there was a lost of sense of self. Shabnam's passion for Persian music goes beyond the art - it is a representation of her freedom, and a reminder of who she is and where she came from.

After her story and unique vocal register caught the attention of Shahbal Shabpareh, the founding “father of pop” music in Iran, he set out to collaborate with Shabnam. In 2018, she debuted her first single, “Radsho”, with Shabpareh’s famous band, the Black Cats.

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Shabnam Jaleh Manoto TV شب جمعه

Shabnam on Manoto TV شب جمعه

shabnam jaleh tapesh tv norooz special 1399 2020

Shabnam on Tapesh TV Norooz Special 1399

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